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Over the Knee Sox - Sinful Sunday

Hello my Dark Darlings,

Here's an image to savour for a lazy Sunday.  Greeting my OH wearing a teddy and these delightful long socks with bows on when he bring 2 cups of coffee up to bed ...

#Sinful Sunday

Friday, 19 January 2018

Sharing More of the Good Stuff

Hello my Dark Darlings! It's come round to Saturday again and I need to share
more blogger love! Firstly let me show you some of the blog posts which have
captured my attention this week #SoSS

Hey Epiphora's Great demo of the superiority of rumbly vibrations on the 
Love this discussion, with personal ancdotes on sexting & its value from 
Exhibit A
Discovered a new erotic writer hhastngs: Summer Night
This picture makes an evocative writing prompt.
2 Brief erotic pieces'This' &  'Girlfriends' from Hannah Lockhardt.

Next I want to introduce you to a fellow blogger Emmeline Peaches, who had been very frank and revealing in her answers. 

What made you decide to write a sex blog?

A good question, and one I ask myself at times too.
As the years go on, it becomes a bit harder to pinpoint one specific reason that I decided writing about sex was the right avenue for me. My go-to answer used to be that I was passionate about sex, craving an additional project to balance out my love of writing and the gruelling process of a PhD, and very interested in raising awareness about vaginismus and other important issues regarding sex, sexuality, and sexual confidence.
I certainly started my blog with those intentions in mind, having been inspired by discovering the sex toy greats such as Hey Epiphora, Dangerous Lilly, and the then prolific Marvelous Darling and Toy Meets Girl (the latter two being my icons). Epiphora and Lilly’s guides on starting an adult blog were godsends for me at the time, whereas Marvy was the first blogger I built up the confidence to DM directly to help me with a site concern. I owe these people a huge debt.
But, looking back further, I already had a deep admiration for sex writing long before I launched my blog. I watched documentaries on TV discussing sex writers and sex, and even wrote a few of my own very short (very smutty) product reviews on the Bad Dragon forums. 
So, in this way, I guess I always wanted to write about sex as a young teen. I just didn’t realize I could be a sex writer until I found a space that fit my academic style in until I discovered the broader adult product review community. 
At that point ‘God I wish I could share my love of sex’ turned in to ‘Yeah…I think I can do this…Just as a passion project though. I’m no pro’.
The rest is history.

What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?
When I was doing cognitive behavioural therapy with a sex therapist and my then partner (now ex), we were encouraged to come up with a word that we could use to indicate any change in ‘thrusting speed’ as it were. 
I thought for a moment before blurting out ‘How about Peaches?’ and the phrase stuck from there. ‘Peaches’ then evolved in to my safe word and, when I was thinking of my blogging name, seemed like the perfect way to speak for my own sexual situation. 
From there I wanted a first name that felt timeless, dignified, and was associated with feminism and empowerment. Emmeline Pankhurst came immediately to mind (probably because of the shared ‘P’) and so I made my name.
I suppose given that I’m no longer with my ex and partner of 11 years, the name could be considered as somewhat bittersweet (especially considering the emotionally abusive dynamic that emerged come the latter years),  but I don’t see it that way.
At the end of the day, I was the one who selected the term ‘Peaches’ for my own recovery. I then took that word with me into my greater adult adventures, and forged my own unique identity with it.
Now, as I’m expanding in to additional projects too, I’ve even created a business name out of it – Peaches Independent – and I could think of no other way to summarise my contemplations on all that has happened since my recent relationship dissolution.

Describe your blog in a nutshell:
Ha ha, I’ve already waffled so much and it’s only question three (oops). This one is short and sweet: Emmeline Peaches Reviews is an adult product review blog with an educational twist. When visiting my blog readers can expect to find in-depth product appraisals, articles on sex and sexuality, and personal musings of an adult nature (also a whole lot of veganism, when the content allows). I always do my best to balance objective information with my own subjective voice. That’s the theory, at least!
How long have you been blogging on this theme? When it comes to my own site, it’s just past 6 years as of this January. …Wow. I feel old!

What is your favourite type of adult toy?
I was very tempted to say ‘a powerful G-Spot vibrator’ – because this gives the option of a strong toy you can use internally or externally, as you wish – but, if I’m being true to myself, I’d have to say a wand.
I love wand vibrators so much. If my sex session doesn’t involve a wand (usually the Lelo Smart Wand Large or the Doxy Number 3) then it’s probably because I’m using the Zumio. There’s really no other exception. 
I just love how broad, rumbly, and deep a truly great wand is. Wands don’t give me an instant climax – they allow me to press and caress their surface over my vulva and clasp my free hand wantingly around their head. 
They tend to have great handles, simple controls, and the option to pull away easily if things get too intense. 
Plus they have such a rich and powerful iconic history which really plays into my background as a social art historian. 
I just adore them!

If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you
The Doxy Number 3. Easy choice.
I love my larger wands, and my Zumio, but the convenience of the Doxy Number 3 not needing to recharge between sessions (what with it being a plug ‘n play) is more my style.   

What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?
I identify as bisexual in the sense of being attracted to more than one sex/gender (bi then referring to ‘same’ and ‘different’ rather than the restrictive ‘male’ or ‘female’ often imposed on bisexual individuals rather than meant by them). 
I also use the term queer with open confidence, as I’m rather gender fluid too, and really pretty much ‘anything goes’. 
For as early as I have felt attraction, that attraction has mainly been towards those with female physical features or a feminine identity. As I got older I found I was even more attracted to women who showed traits that would be considered as ‘butch,’ ‘gender fluid,’ or ‘androgynous’. But I also knew that I liked other options too.
As a teenager, the best term I had for this was ‘bisexual,’ and that was the term I used when ‘coming out’ to my partner (and then casually mentioning it to most others). I suppose that’s why the term resonates with me so strongly, even though I’ve since  learned a lot more about sex, sexuality, and gender.
Now when people ask me ‘What are you attracted to?’ I typically answer ‘Anyone and everyone’ before elaborating and bringing out the B-word, but I doubt I’ll ever drop ‘bisexual’ from my lexicon altogether. 

What’s your preference – naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?
Does ‘decorated in the cosy embrace of a thick blanket’ count?
Nah, just kidding, I tend to go for naked or very minimal aesthetic complements. These would usually be a body chain, a faux leather harness, or a collar. 
Oh, a collar *melts*
Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?
If given the chance I would love to get in to fitness domination (either being the Domme or getting dominated), branding (as a sub), or cupping (again, as a sub).
I really don’t get enough chances to be a pup either.
I should rectify these things.
That being said, I am a very shy Peach and usually don’t have the confidence to ask for my kinks to be fulfilled (nor the people around me to help me explore them).
Coming from a place of emotional abuse (and sexual, at a much younger age and with a family member), I also struggle with giving people control and can have a rush of panic if I feel I no longer have power in a sexual situation. 
I haven’t ever told the greater adult community my own biggest fetish. Only a select few people know what makes my clitoris instantly throb. 
Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:
Gosh, that’s a hard one (and kind of gives hints towards that currently unspoken fetish).
I think I’d have to say…a werewolf. 
God, I’m such a tween cliché. 
Second choice has to be a very adept spell-caster (or Raksha from the roleplaying game, Exalted). 
The kink clues are dropping hard now.

Anal sex - Meh or Yay?
‘Yay’ when giving it to others.
‘Stay the eff away from my sensitive IBS booty’ if asked to receive. 
Sex needn’t always be serious – do you have a funny moment to share?
Oh, where to start!   I guess the beginning is a good one. 
The first adult product I was given ‘free’ to review was (believe it or not) a fully functional fucking machine, which you sat on as it thrusted mechanically up and down. I won it by changing the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody to be about using the toy, and I’m still proud of that achievement. 
At the time I pretty much lost my mind with excitement. An actual fucking machine! It even had a squirting feature. I was screaming.
Buuut, when it arrived my emotions soon balanced out a bit. 
The toy was not dreadful, by any means, but the attachments were porous, the saddle wasn’t made from antibacterial material, and, deep down, I knew thrusting wasn’t my most loved sexual motion. 
I was still excited, though, and I tried and enjoyed the product with my, now, ex multiple times.
The first time we tried to use the ‘squirting feature’ though – which involved essentially pouring water down its spout so that it could squirt out on activation – we weren’t even sure it had worked upon release. 
After we’d finished up I checked the saddle and it was semi-damp but not massively. Curious, I picked the entire saddle up and gave it a little shake.
Sure enough, water sloshed mockingly inside of it. 
My, now, ex and I were baffled. Wide-eyed, daunted, and oh so new to the whole ‘technical issues’ thing with sex toys, I did the only thing I could think of: I tipped the entire saddle upside down and gave it a shake. 
Water spurted flaccidly out, like vinegar from a semi-blocked container. 
All we could do was laugh our heads off.
The water never fully came out of that saddle. It sloshed and dribbled for the entire time I had it, until I decided that I didn’t want such an unhygienic product in the house anymore. 
I imagine/hope that someone (a very bemused waste disposal employee) had the same amused moment as I did with shaking and tipping my old fucking machine. 

Sexting - love it or hate it?
Love it. Don’t get to do it enough. Interested people hit me up.
The disclaimer being that it needs to be consensual and I need to be in the mood to it. 
Sometimes I’m feeling incredibly receptive and want to talk to everyone in all capacities. 
Other times I want nothing more than to be left alone with my own thoughts. If someone were to try and persist when I was in the latter mood, I think they’d likely get the cold shoulder and accidentally land on my list of ‘people who I find mildly annoying’.

Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?
Oh gosh, that’s tricky. 
It’s not a ‘sex scene’ in the conventional sense but the climax to the Little Red Riding Hood story in the Trick ‘R Treat horror anthology movie is unrivalled in terms of erotic allure.
No spoilers.

Do you watch porn?  
Yes, but only professionally. 

Nominate your favourite adult film:
Crashpad’s Guide to Fisting, because I like my smut to be educational. 

Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:
Squeaky Bedsprings is a brilliant writer, a beautiful individual, and needs to be on everyone’s radar. 

Thank you so much for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  
You’re most welcome! Thank you for having me. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

White Panties

OK - this was confusing!  She could not stop looking up another girl’s skirt!

She liked boys, she knew she did, she’d done some thrilling kissing with boys and let one feel under her jumper but over her bra, yet she couldn’t take her eyes off the glorious glimpse of pristine white panties under an older girl’s games kilt.
Her year were gathered in the library to do prep, while the rain pelted down on the lacrosse pitch and dripped from overhanging trees. The goal nets hung abandoned, soggy and wet, while the 2 games mistress retreated back into the staff room with a cup of coffee. There was general shuffling, huffing and fidgeting going on in the library, but most people were knuckling down and tackling work they’d been set earlier in the day.
The older girl was a legend to younger years; she was in the school lacrosse team, tall and slender with fabulous deportment (school gave awards for that - walking with a straight back and looking poised). She had long smooth legs, great hair, smooth complexion and a pretty face. She seemed uber cool to, but she was also a rebel. Sure, there were tales of her sneaking out of school after curfew … but we’re talking choice of underwear. Lisa was not wearing navy gym knickers!
Gawd but the regulation gym knickers were ugly! Usually baggy, they were made of a towelling fabric, but because of the brevity of the regulation games kilts, most girls wore them to protect their modesty. Not Lisa, she simply wore white briefs, so sitting on the edge of her seat at the table with her legs uncrossed, the younger girl could see between her legs to a triangle of white cotton. She was fascinated.
She wasn’t hot and turned on, so that was 1 positive, but she kept stealing furtive glances at Lisa. It seemed she was trying to ‘learn’ from her, how to channel her sexy yet innocent air. What kind of panties did she wear, what shape? Tanga? Bikini? (This was before the advent of boyshorts and thongs) and where did she buy them? Was Lisa’s skirt as short as hers, or shorter? How did she keep the pleats so knife-sharp?
As she was contemplating these questions, Lisa looked up and caught her looking up her skirt. A look of irritation flitted over her face and she crossed her legs, shifting position. Argh! How to style this out? She looked like a peeping tom, Lisa might start a rumour that she was a lesbian (a fairly common rumour at an all girls’ school as you can imagine). She tried looking round the room at other girls, and what she could see under their tables, as if she wasn’t fixated with Lisa, before she realised this made her look even more like a lesbian!
She turned her attention to the maths, long division made even less sense than usual, then sneaked another peek. Lisa was gathering up her books and pens, she turned her back and left the library, looking cool and elegant, but not swinging her hips sexily (because that would ruin her deportment). Hey! Is that what the award was about, trying to squash the girls’ urges to channel their inner ‘foxy’?

Once Lisa was gone she tried to analyse what she’d felt and why she’d been so fascinated, and it seemed the same thing was true back then, with the 14 year old version of me as it is now. I look at girls with a critiquing eye - are they sexy or alluring? If so, how? What are they doing or wearing that I can mimic? I’ve shaped my ideas of what grabs the attention of the opposite sex and ‘reels them in’ from other women who I consider exemplary. So if you ever catch me gazing at your cleavage, your elegant long legs or your peachy, cute butt, please feel flattered as I’m probably planning how to steal ‘style’ tips from you.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Little Bit of the Side!

Good afternoon my Dark Darlings!

A little bit of side-boob encased in the softest, halterneck black lace bra.

See who else has been / is sinning today!


Friday, 12 January 2018

Posy Shares - Another Saturday of Choice Blogs

What I've Been Reading this Week

  •  Isabelle Lauren's discussion piece on fighting for women and the #me too campaign 
  • Dissolve by Hey Mrs Robinson - erotica inspired by a masturbation Monday prompt
  • Bex Talks Sex  an opinion piece on personalities for Submissives - very useful when I was creating my Bad Romance erotic story
  • Candy Snatch discusses the dynamics of being dominated

Introducing Nero Black: 

A hero of mine who I discovered through #SoSS and who's been entertaining me with his posts and pictures ever since, but this week Twitter has 'shadowbanned' him, which is exactly why we need to keep sharing each other's work

What made you decide to write a sex blog?

~ There was no-one I could talk to about my issues - my ‘issues’ being that my wife’s libido seemed to have dropped to desiring sex once a month, if that, and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I figured ‘talk therapy’ was best but had no-one to confide in. I know women will discuss sex related matters with their BFF’s but guys don’t. They only times guys discuss sex is talking about what virile men we are and how many times we banged some women that night. Hence I use my blog to vent about what’s going on in my head. Stress causes cancer IMO so I don’t want that.

What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?

~ Nero is not my real name. I take my privacy seriously because life in the real world is not as benign as it is in the sex blogosphere. And some sex bloggers will tell you it’s not so benign online either, having been harassed when their real identities were discovered. I chose Nero because myth says he fiddled while Rome burned, and that’s how I like to think of myself. I chose it before Jimmy Smitt’s character ‘Nero’ appeared on Sons Of Anarchy, which is how some people thought I chose the name. His character was pretty cool so I’ll accept that ‘origin story’ too.

~ The title ‘Nero Speaks’ is a play on ‘Garbo Speaks’ and truthfully I came up with it quickly when prompted to name my blog when setting it up. My previous blog was called ‘Her Secret Library’ as it included a lot more about the dirty books/stories/erotica my wife was reading online - which prompted me to start blogging in the first place. I couldn’t get my head around my wife reading filthy and extreme genres/stories and yet was not interested in having sex with me IRL.

Describe your blog in a nutshell:

~ The blog really is whatever’s on my mind that I feel like sharing. The important thing for readers to know is that I am a male blogger. I’m not a male writer. The difference: I just say what happened - she took off her clothes and got on all fours so I fucked her doggy style.  A male writer says it with more panache: she looked at me seductively as she slowly peeled off her wrap dress and let it fall to the floor. Cat-like she climbed slinkily onto the bed, pausing only to look back at me with a come hither stare. My heart may have melted but my throbbing manhood was as hard as concrete...

Another thing your readers should know (but may have realised from my ‘nutshell’ answer) is that I tend to give long rather than short answers;  Ditto for my blog posts!

How long have you been blogging on this theme?

~ I honestly don’t know. ‘Nero Speaks’ started on November 11, 2015 but I found some ‘Her Secret Library’ posts in which date back to June 2013. I know I started that blog waaay before then I copied many texts from the old emails to repost on ‘Nero Speaks’ (backdating them to their original date) but typically, the really good early posts I couldn’t recover.
A tip from Nero: follow your own blog! That way you have the blog emailed to you and if anything happens to your blog you’ve got email copies. In my case ‘Her Secret Library’ got shut down by Wordpress due to pornographic content. It happened without warning and they wouldn’t accept any of my appeals.

What is your favourite type of adult toy?

~ Anything that gets my wife off, making her more amenable to having sex with me. As best I know she doesn’t use toys solo (and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t). Last October we got The Verge which is a vibrating cock ring from We-Vibe. It works great on me, but of course my wife found a way to use it on herself solo, which is how things usually start now if we use it.

If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:

~ I’m a guy so the choices are limited, but The Verge would do just fine. Especially since women can use it.

What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

~ I am currently hetrosexual and always have been. When I was 20 I let a man twice my age french kiss me at a gay nightclub. I did it to shock my friends, who thought they were so cool and edgy by going to a gay dance club. And boy it sure worked! It was the early 80s, I wasn’t ‘experimenting’ I was just proving I was willing to go where others wouldn’t. (Like that time you went bungy jumping to prove it didn’t scare you.)

What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

~ I’ll take what I can get but as anyone who’s seen my Instagram account will know, I do prefer dress up. By which I mean she dresses up for my pleasure. Unfortunately I don’t have the physique for ‘dress up’ (men's choices are quite limited IMO).  Even more unfortunately (for me) my wife thinks the same, despite dressing sexy when we go out she takes it off as soon as she gets home. Ditto for any underwear or lingerie she has, being of the opinion that she should be ‘enough’ for me and that she shouldn’t have to dress up in order get me hard.
It’s a damn shame because she still has the body for it and would look great in whatever you see me posting on Instagram.

Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

I have a few fantasies I haven’t tried but want to - I’ve been with my wife 25+ years  and time is running out! In the past 5 years there have been a few anal experiences but we’ve never quite got it right, possibly because it only ever ‘happens’ spontaneously and anal is probably something you need to plan.

Unfortunately my wife seems to think sex should happen spontaneously and therefore if I was ever to say ‘how about we try anal this weekend?’ the answer would be “Hell No”. My wife keeps her cards close to her chest, never admits what she likes or doesn’t like, cant think she’s ever said ‘that was good, we should do that again’. She never initiates.

One fantasy I have is to tie her to the bed and go to town on her with her vibrators (forced orgasms) and then when she is a quivering mess lube her up and fuck her arse - while she has a vibe trapped on her clit beneath her. Unfortunately you can’t just spring all of that on someone IRL so I guess it will never happen.

Another fantasy I have (might possibly get past her vetting) is her under my glass desk (in our home office) blowing me while I watch porn on my laptop. Dirty filthy porn, with the sound up. It’ll probably end up with me jerking off and finishing in her mouth or on her face. Pop psychologists might say I want her to submit to my sexual desires:allowing me to climax for my own sexual pleasure - with no expectation of reciprocation for/by her.

Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

~ Is it weird that I can’t think of one for me but can for my wife? Watching her getting fucked by an octopus would be pretty hot, if it’s anything like any of that tentacle sex anime the Japanese are so fond of.

Coincidentally I have imagined a future where we’re all fucking sex robots instead of people, and the sexbots wouldn’t necessarily be humanlike objects. You’d be fucking the pussy and grabbing the ass while you humped her, but the butt would be like giant boobs so you could play with nipples and squeeze tits while you pounded her.

Knowing men, those sexbots would probably evolve into a giant bean bag with a tight wet vibrating hole you could just stick your dick in. You’d lie there and the bot would do all the work. You wouldn’t even have to get up or roll over to go to sleep afterwards!

Anal sex - Meh or Yay?

~ Yay! In theory at least. I like the idea of it and really want to ‘master’ it but sometimes, of the few times we’ve tried it, I haven’t been able to climax. There’s too much baggage associated with it. When your wife has for 20+ years said “it’s an exit, not an entry” but then will drunkenly allow you to fuck her butt after reading a bunch of dirty stories that include anal… well, don’t let self doubt hit you halfway through the taboo deed.

Regular readers of my blog know I often overanalyze the sex I’m having - as I’m having it! Not a good idea!!

Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?

~ One time I was having sex with a woman who I thought had a really huge rack. I’d been chatting her up at a night club and got her home at about 4am. We were quite tipsy because she had loads of money (from some work compensation payment she’d received for a workplace accident) we’d been buying the top shelf drinks all night. When she got naked I realised she didn’t have big boobs - she had a rib cage that protruded six inches due to her workplace accident! WTF?! That’s why her boobs stuck out!! Being a dude I thought ‘alrighty then’ and continued as normal. It was good sex, albeit in a dark room!

There was also an incident with a stripper when I got a lapdance in a private room in a San Francisco stripclub. That was pretty funny...

Sexting - love it or hate it?

~ I love it but my wife hates it. She just can’t do it, not with me at least, seems she just can’t cope with it. I’ve tried it a few times but she just doesn’t know how to respond. If I ask what she’s wearing she’ll reply literally, “I’m wearing a pinstripe pantsuit, why?”
Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

~ Hmmmm, (thinks) I’m a dude, we don’t really cling to that sort of stuff. Which is not to say I don’t enjoy a hot love scene in a mainstream movie. Or TV. I used to find ‘Masters of Sex’ on Showtime particularly erotic. Some scenes were hot AF.

Do you watch porn? 

~ Sometimes, but not often. With a teenage daughter in the house I rarely get to watch since I need the audio as well as the video. Silent porn doesn’t work for me. So more often that not I read hot stories on Literotica or Adult Read. Whether watching or reading porn, it’s always done as ‘foreplay’ to solo masturbation.

Nominate your favourite adult film:

~ I can’t think of one specifically, especially since this century I usually watch free clips (5-15 minutes) on PornHub or similar. Back in the 90s (when porn was still on VHS tapes, not DVD’s) I watched a lot of (director) Andrew Blake’s stuff. It had high production values, beautiful women, and lot’s of stylized fetishwear (ie women in beautiful latex rubber, or leather, and usually in mesh or fishnet stockings or bodysuits. (Imagery which has shaped my Instagram posts).

Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:

May More’s If Sex Matters. There are plenty of great sex blogs out there but I’m biased towards May’s because she might be my muse, but is definitely my "Internet Crush!" Her posts are frank,  honest and open. Better yet her Man takes fantastic pictures of her, with which she illustrates her blog.  I’ve watched her and her blog evolve, she seems truly to care about herself and her readers. She gives me great feedback on my blog, always commenting either publicly or privately.

I don’t publish real pictures of myself because I’ve learnt women respond better when my words allow them to create an image of me in their mind - in which I'm sexier /more handsome than IRL.  Besides, I am old, fat, and ugly -with a tiny penis- so why would I reveal that?

Words are very powerful - right now some of your readers are imagining me as old fat and ugly, others are asking “How small can his penis be?”

Thank you so much Nero for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!  

N xx

Your readers can find me on…
Blogger/Google+ :

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

This story was shamelessly inspired by Lady Gaga's wonderfully fetish-filled video for the song Bad Romance  I cannot claim to have seen the story board, so this is my imagining of the motivation behind it.  Lets hope she takes this story as a compliment & doesn't sue my ass!

Bad Romance

Talia woke up gradually, in the unfamiliar room, furnished sparsely with a bed, basin and a small mirror over it.  She turned over and stretched tentatively, very sore from last night, her backside and upper thighs felt tender and bruised, she hoped she’d have stripes and marks, this always pleased her master, making her proud.

She’d bet her master’s room was more luxurious, with a huge TV, seating area and a deluxe marble bathroom.  Of course he’d also need a wardrobe for his clothes, while Talia remained naked at all times unless dressed for a ‘scene’.  It was almost the end of her week’s training as a submissive; it had been intense, intimidating, humiliating, freeing, and fulfilling in equal parts!  She had been sub to her current dom for 6 months already, but the residential training had brought them closer together yet pushed boundaries.

Talia’s favourite thing about the D/s hotel was how fabulously equipped all the fetish play rooms were, normally Sir and she could only access the like if they went to a fet club, but here the rooms could be booked 24/7, for private or group play.

A gentle tap on her bedroom door alerted Talia to her second favourite thing about this residential visit, attendants took care of sub welfare, and it was time for breakfast.  She hastened to splash water on her face, run fingers through her hair instead of a comb then stood submissively by the door, head bowed.  A naked attendant held the door open and Talia followed her out, they stopped at a bathroom then headed for the cafeteria, serving yoghurt, muesli, fresh fruit, rye toast and scrambled eggs.

Talia made her selection from the healthy choices.  Carrying her tray to a seat by the window, she sat down carefully, painfully aware of her bruises, she wondered if the stripes were visible to the other subs and flushed with heat - both pride and shame.  A male attendant visited her table to enquire whether she wanted fruit tea, green tea or cranberry juice,  Talia noticed his cock held captive in a metal restraint and felt sympathy for him.  Nothing was done to prohibit females from becoming aroused, although the strict rule was that all orgasms belonged to a slave’s dom, with harsh punishment for those who came without permission.

Talia took her time over her small meal, which helped it to satisfy her better, and zoned into her own headspace while she sipped her second cup of superfruit tea.  The morning was filled with a lecture on age play and a practical demonstration of edging as applied to hand jobs and fellatio - both enlightening - but Talia felt very sorry for the 2 male subs used as guinea pigs, their demonstrations didn’t result in being allowed to climax so surely their frustration was intense.
Lunch was much the same routine as breakfast, healthy options on offer for slaves to select, followed by a walk around the grounds of the hotel in the company of one’s dom (this gave the furry-play subs a chance to wear collars and leads) building the bond which was so important to their dynamic.  Talia’s Dom was tall and dark, with intense grey eyes;  whilst at the residential he’d worn dark grey or black t-shirts tucked into leather trousers with biker boots.  His work attire was sharp suits and ties so this was quite relaxed, she felt a stab of desire when she looked at him, her insides turned to jelly by his commanding presence, her wish to please him overriding.
He instructed her to turn 360 degrees so he could admire the stripes from last night’s ‘pushishment’, then he’d tilted her chin to look into her eyes saying, “You’ve made me very happy.”

Talia flushed with pride and felt her slit moisten.  How simple it was, really, to please Sir when, truthfully, she’d enjoyed the beating too!  He’d strapped her to a fuck bench and worked his way up from a gently flogging to bare-handed spanking, lastly using a cane which had made the visible marks.

The restraint scenario had made Talia’s pussy drip with moisture, each tighten of the leather buckles around wrists and ankles making her throb, so trapped and controlled.  He’d spread her legs apart to fasten them in place, on her knees with her rump in the air, she’d imagined how inviting she looked, the gash of her moist pussy spread wide by her posture.  She’d groaned aloud with desire as Sir took a moment to play with her pussy and anus, spreading her copious, slick juices teasingly around the folds of her labia and clit, using his fingers to plough them into her tight sphincter muscle.

Humming and throbbing with sensation from her beating, he’d smoothed and stroked her heated rump and thighs with lotion before lubing up a vibrating anal plug and pressing it gently, but firmly, into her rear.  Talia struggled to drag herself back from memories of her night of pleasure and pain, realising Sir was talking to her.

“Tonight’s a big night.  I want you to impress the other Doms, have them drooling and lusting over you.  Make ‘em so hard it hurts, really put on a show, the theme is burlesque.”

“Where will you be?”

“I’ll sit with the other doms, we’re going to watch each sub dance then bid for each according to how much we value them.”

“You’re auctioning me off?”  her voice was small, shocked.

“No, not at all,” he soothed, stroking Talia’s blonde hair off her face, “Lose my little fuck-toy? When I’ve shaped you how I want you?  Never!”  His grey eyes fixed on hers, but without sincerity, more a desire to convince her it seemed.  Fury flashed through her and a spear of betrayal stabbed her core.  Her ‘bratty’ side rose to the forefront.

“I will not dance!” she wailed, gesturing angrily at him, her pert breasts jiggling “you can’t make me!”

“O can’t I?” he retorted, anger making his eyes flash.  He gripped her wrist so hard she winced and dragged her over to a nearby bench, where he sat and pulled on her arm until she toppled into his lap, her bottom tilted upwards.

Before Talia had a chance to register shock, apprehension or a thrill, he’d raised his hand and begun spanking.  She yelped and wriggled, it hurt a lot (mostly because she was already sore and bruised) and tears streamed down her cheeks even as her pussy throbbed with desire.  She was so angry with her body for betraying her, in her fury she shouldn’t be aroused by this, but she was.  She could feel juices gathering and running out of the split peach of her pussy, while her nipples hardened against his leather-trousered thighs.

“Enough!” he barked.  “Get up and walk behind me.  Don’t say another word, I’m very disappointed in you.”

Talia complied feeling mutinous, and now humiliated and frustrated.  How dare he?  She’d invested so much in moulding herself to his likes and dislikes, pushing both soft and hard limits, learning new ways to please him, now she questioned what he’d done other than throw money at the problem.  As his slave she was his to command, but he’d brought the ‘little’ out in her, a bratty, teenage facet to her personality, and with that ‘I’m disappointed in you’ comment he was responding to it.

He handed her over at reception with instructions that she remain in her room until her evening assignment.  Talia pouted and  left without a backward glance, her sexual frustration heightening her anger and distress.  Later when the attendants came to bathe and dress her she took her emotion and irritation out on them.  Two female attendants wrestled to force her to drink some clear liquid, previous experience had proved this was a cocktail of an enema and something similar to strong alcohol which would relax her in about an hour’s time.  After allowing her privacy in the ladies’ they led her to a bathroom to shower and wash herself; Talia simply stood there leaning on the enclosure while the water drummed down on the tiled floor without wetting her.

After about 10 minutes the 2 attendants stormed in, saw she was being obstinate and held her under the pounding jet of water, soaping her body and washing her hair, Talia sobbed with frustration at her impotence.  Why had she committed to him? She’d let her guard down and allowed affection for her master to penetrate the chinks in her armour, and now he planned to pass her onto the highest bidder.  It broke her damaged heart and she vowed to get revenge on him if she could.

The water was turned off and the attendants used several towels to dry her body and her hair.  They made sure her pussy was still smooth, it had been waxed hairless on her arrival, but she lay on a therapist’s bed and they used a large magnifying glass and tweezers to remove any visible hairs.  They massaged perfumed lotion into every inch of her skin, her buttocks and thighs having been pre-treated with some kind of bruise recovery cream.  They also lubed her up and inserted a cold glass anal plug with a jewelled base.

Thalia sat still and passive as they blow dried her long hair into soft waves and applied dramatic makeup, smokey eyes and a nude lip.  Her costume was elaborate but did not conceal her body, she wore a cap of diamante and pearls, which came over her eyes like a cage with widely spaced bars.  A halterneck breastplate of pearl threaded mesh hung from her neck, through which her pale pink nipples could be seen.  Held in place by invisible threads which fastened round her ribs, it made her back appear naked.  A wide hip belt of diamante rested at the top of her sheer silver boyshorts.  Her decolletage and shoulders were adorned with a dramatic necklace of crystal and pearl, matching the design layered over the front of her boyshorts.  Her legs were naked, showing her pale luminous skin, but she wore knee high white pvc boots on vertiginous spiked heels.
The alcohol was taking effect making Thalia feel relaxed yet detached from the ministrations of the attendants.  They told her she must dance and display herself for a group of powerful doms while a team of trained dancers followed her lead.  She didn’t recognise the song they chose,  but once the dancers carried her into the room and unfurled her from the mac decorated with graffiti she began to dance and strike poses.  Her latent hostility made her rebellious, her moves were spiky and jagged, shaping her hands like claws, her expression snarling, while the backing dancers, in their white latex leotards and high heeled boots, followed suit.

“I’ll give them a freaking show!” she thought, posturing, kicking her legs and swinging her hips before dropping to the floor and crawling towards the audience, who sat together on chairs, sipping their drinks impassively.  She crawled seductively towards the doms, many of whom were bare chested, clad only in leather jeans, some had tattoos and others wore metallic masks to hide their identity.  She climbed onto Sir’s legs, as he sat at the front of the group, Talia proceeded to give him an erotic lap dance, grinding and writhing and rubbing herself against him, her naked breasts brushing his arms and chest,  teasing him until she felt his erection grow hard in his trousers.

Talia put her lips close to his face, licking a line up from his jaw to his ear, and whispered, “I fucking hate you!” through gritted teeth.  Sir reminded her of an evil villain from a James Bond film, surrounded by his henchmen,  all he needed was an ugly pet, like a hairless cat!

She noticed the dom’s had an electronic pad with a joystick in the middle, and concluded this was the device they’d use to place votes or bids for her.  Well she was a princess and should command a high price, so tossing her head she dismounted from Sir’s lap and, turning her back on the doms, leaned forward to grasp her ankles, giving them a great view of her rear and the diamante decorated glass plug glinting teasingly from her butt.  She sashayed away, swinging her hips as she returned to the dancers, to bump and grind with sexy attitude until the music faded out.  They put the mac round her shoulders again and carried her from the room.

Talia was returned to her cell, left alone she began to strip off the outfit she’d worn to perform, tossing the flimsy jewelled garments onto her single bed.  Outside the screens recorded record responses for her dance, the numbers were going through the roof, her performance the most popular of the night.  She was unaware that it had been watched by pay-per-view subscribers and that her dom didn’t intend to auction her off, instead (being a competitive guy) he was enjoying the kudos of having such a sexy, attractive kitten at his beck and call.  There had been footage of her on-line in various outfits: microscopic black lace knickers, push up bra and fetish heels, a metal space age breast plate over silver and black lingerie.

When the on-line ratings proved without doubt that Talia was the most popular of all tonight’s contestants, the two attendants returned to her room to help her into a new lingerie-based outfit of red lace.  They swapped her white stiletto boots for black, on one leg she wore a red lace stocking, the other just a lacy stocking top.  Her bust was covered with a bandeau of the same red lace and the whole outfit was held together with a grid of broad red elastic strips which joined the bandeau to knickers and the stocking.

She was brought out to perform again, and danced more aggressively than before, clapping and stamping, getting into the rhythm of the track, with every move Talia was stimulated by the glass dildo buried in her butt.  Her inhibitions were non existent now, she wanted to show Sir how hot she could be, to make him sorry he was throwing her out with the trash.  Her eyes looked wild and dark, her pupils were dilated and silent tears tracked down her cheeks as she strutted and posed for her appreciative audience, making Sir proud (if only she knew it.)

Her anger burned in her chest, her master had disrespected her and Talia was fantasising as she danced. She would visit him looking like a rich pampered vixen, maybe wearing a gown made from a white fur pelt, the head of the unfortunate creature trailing behind her, dark glasses to hide her eyes and her lips painted a wicked slash of red.  She would walk gracefully towards her master; who’d be seated on a king sized bed, expecting her to subjugate herself to him as before.  But in her fantasy her underwear concealed blow torches in her bra. As Sir lay down beside her, expecting kisses and caresses, the nips and nibbles she would usually trail down his chest before releasing his swollen cock to lick and suck with gusto, Talia would instead activate the incendiary devices and cremate his cheating ass!

Friday, 5 January 2018

DivaFoofJo Goes Under the Microscope

Friends with Benefits!

Hello my Dark Darlings - this week (the first Saturday of 2018) I am going to share some more of what has had my engine revving all week!  I may repeat myself some weeks - hard not to when my fellow blogging friends keep coming up with the good stuff! Thanks to this handy hashtag meme #SoSS I keep discovering new writers with fantastic new content (photos, poetry, thoughtful pieces and my favourite erotic short stories).  Please click on these links and see if you agree - you may discover some you wish to follow.

Isabelle Lauren : Progress (an opinion piece)

Nero Speaks  : A Sex Story (part 1 of a sexy adventure) and this great retro picture

Life of Elliott : An Afternoon Off (defintely a NFSW diary piece)

Asrai Devin  :  CG Night 1 (a sexy series you'll want to binge on)

Cara Theron : Date night & check out A Sacrifice of Blood

Morag's Moist Musings :  (Discusses her first experiences with a vibrator)

Girl on the Net :  (Does a good mistress need to keep her training up to date?)

Shot of Erotica :  (Lots of erotic short stories, my favourite so far is Room to Play)

Godemiche :  Fantastic dildo making company, and this one was custom made for DivaFloof!

My most important share this week is the following interview with  my new 'Twitter' friend Diva Foof Jo. She writes awesome reviews of sex toys and is the 'in house' blogger for a great kinky store Latex Leather and Lace.  Jo is earthy and honest and loads of fun, and this comes through in her reviews of adult products and her Twitter feed @DivaFoof.

  • What made you decide to write a sex blog?

I didn’t mean to!  It wasn’t really an informed decision. I wandered down the rabbit hole and never came back up for air.  I first started doing reviews for Cara Sutra and then progressed to basically become Latex Leather and Lace’s resident blogger and I now lead up their reviewing team as Chief Foofster.

  • What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?

I was originally Gemini Joanne – which is basically my star sign and my name but it wasn’t really a brand.  I used to say that my foof was a bit of a drama queen and that I didn’t like any shabby shit. The word foof refers to vagina as I hate the word vagina for some reason, have a huge problem saying it – I’m so childish it hurts – and so came the day when another tweeter said I should be called DivaFoof.

  • Describe your blog in a nutshell:

Honest.  Sometimes too honest and a little bit sweary.

  • How long have you been blogging on this theme?

I’ve been blogging since September 2016.
  • What is your favourite type of adult toy?
That’s a difficult one because they all have different properties:
  • Dildo – Godemiche Adam 8”
  • Wand – Doxy 3
  • Clit Vibe – Tango
  • Clit Suction – Satisfyer Next Gen 2
  • Vibrator – Ann Summers Moregasm Range
  • BDSM – Nipple Clamps
  • Butt Plug – Yet to discover

  • If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:

Doxy 3 – a no brainer.

  • What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?
Heterosexual.  I’ve never really been attracted to the same sex as myself, whenever I watch porn with a woman in, I’m imagining myself as her – that said, there are some women whose bewbs do funny things to me.  I’ll quite happily oggle Cara Sutra or CoffeeAndKink’s bewbs any day.  I have no problem in suggesting that another women is attractive and I love to tease and flirt but generally it’s not to take it any further.  There’s part of me that terrified that I wouldn’t know what to do! J

  • What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

I love to dress up in order to be undressed.  Naked is how it ends up if its planned but generally morning sex starts of naked anyway.  I love both.   I have various versions of dressed up; I’ve done cosplay dressing as Harlequin to dressing up in a corset to dressing as normal with something sexy underneath or just simply dressed in matching underwear with stockings and suspenders and a kimono.  It all depends on what your partner likes and the mood that takes you.

  • Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

There are a lot of kinks out there that I haven’t tried but I don’t have a particular yearning.  I guess edge play fascinates me and I’d like to get more experimental with anal but to be honest it’s all about who you’re with,  if you can get the basics right and they are explosive- the fantasies and the kinks are the cream on the top.

  • Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

Thor. *drools*
There’s also part of me that wants to say Christian Grey because I’d like to show him what a real woman is… and also sit down with him and tell him he’s not a dominant or a sadist, he’s got more problems than that!  Also, Jamie Dornan porn. Mrmrmrmmmmmm

  • Anal sex - Meh or Yay?

Meh.  I’ve only ever done it with 2 partners.  1 partner hurt me because tbh, we didn’t really know what we were doing and the 2nd partner hadn’t done it before but I had, and he wanted to try and his response in the end was ‘oh …. That wasn’t what I thought it would be” … so yeah.  Bit of a let down I guess.
  • Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?
I moved into my new flat back in October, and it has a walk in shower with a rainforest shower head – it basically looked like *the place* for shower sex, it was all there. I’d never tried it before, it got to  December and I’d been eyeing it for the best part of 6 weeks. I thought it was all set out for us (including somewhere to put my foot higher up).  I tugged him into the shower with me but it was too hot, I was trying to avoid the water on my head  (I have red hair and it might start to look like someone had given me a head injury) kissing, massaging with shower gel, getting clean and dirty all at the same time.  We finally got down to business and discovered water is a badlube; he was trying to push himself inside me but it was so difficult, til finally he was in…. and SQUELCH! Pulling himself out and pushing himself in just sounded like wet and messy farts.  We ended up laughing so much we had to stop.  I’ll give shower sex a miss from now on! 
  • Sexting - love it or hate it?
Love it.  It’s such a precursor to sexiness later on.   My most favourite is when they are with family, like when I sext;  The fella's sat trying to have a cosy family meal and I’m messaging photos of me dressed in a corset, stockings and suspenders.  Land speed records may have been broken in the past!
Also, when you’re in a long distance relationship (whether it be 2 hours down the road, 2000 miles apart, or travelling and working so you rarely get to see each other) the sexual connection you can get form sexting is great for maintaining the closeness.  Also, if you know they are touching themselves because of what you’ve said, that’s even hotter.
  • Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?
 it’s James Bond, I think it’s Spectre or is it Skyfall?  the one with the saucy shaving scene? Where she shaves his beard with a cut throat razor.  Uuuumppppphh Now I'm going to have to go watch them both to find out which one it is, but if you know which one, do leave a comment! 
  • Do you watch porn?  
 Yes.  I like to use it for ideas. Weirdly.  Just with less of the pretending for the camera and more of the enjoyment.
  • Nominate your favourite adult film:

Erm?  I’m not sure what you mean by adult film?  Certified 18?  Porn? Help!
  • Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:

Candysnatch Reviews :  She’s hotness personified when it comes to plus size lingerie and confidence. She’s also cool for sending questions or queries to and not afraid to give me a kick up the backside when needed!  She also has amazing pink hair!

Thank you so much Jo for sharing your more ‘private’ side with me and my Dark Darlings!