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Spine Tinglingly Sexy

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The #SoSS posts have meant that I am constantly discovering new bloggers out there who write great stuff.

This little lady Pixie Heart (I know she's little because of the name she writes under and there is a youth and naievety in her words, which is so refreshing) populates her blog with diary pieces about her life as a submissive with the Boss man and other females who form her group.  Pixie ran a competition 'Something Wicked This way Comes' which should have been judged around Halloween, but events (twin girls!) overtook her and she extended the deadline.  Lucky me, as I wasn't on Twitter in October and wouldn't have seen it.  

So ... I got a spooky idea while driving (as I so often do on long journeys) and wrote it up, then had to trim it down to the word limit - but here it is!  Please also visit Pixie's website to see the other entries and find out the winner.

Chilling Me Softly

I reached inside the broken window, boards nailed there to keep people out were broken in parts.

“Here kitty,”  I called, “puss, where are you?”  I tried to keep my voice steady and encouraging, despite the fact that this deserted, broken-down house gave me the creeps, chilling me to the bone.  I wanted to find the black cat I’d seen weave through the gappy fence panels and climb in this window.  I listened for any sound, and heard a faraway meowing.  

Determined to rescue the little cat I pulled away a loose board and struggled to get my head and shoulders through the gap.  I felt the rough edges drag at my hair and clothes, but no damage until I pulled my legs through, I felt my fishnet tights catch and rip, great holes appearing in the network of threads.  Ho-hum, saving the cat was more important, the look kinda worked with my biker boots and black leather mini-skirt.

Inside, the house was dusty and bare of furniture, cobweb coated with a dank chill pervading the air, sinking to my core.  Goosebumps broke out on my skin and dread washed over me, something was desolate and menacing in the atmosphere.  I should find that cat and get out of there fast, so where was the meowing coming from?

I heard faint noises above me, and ventured into the hallway, where I detected cat paw-prints on the dusty stairs.  I hugged my jacket around me, no match for the cold air, my nipples hardened painfully against my flannel shirt.

“Here kitty,” I called, trying to sound reassuring, climbing the creaking staircase.  All doors on the landing were closed, except one, so I pushed it wider and entered a once-grand, ornate bedroom.  The windows had heavy curtains,, and the bed had wooden pillars draped with curtains, but everything was faded and decomposing, the old splendour cobwebby.  I peered around, trying to locate the cat, calling all the time.  It must be under furniture, so I bent down to peer under the fabric skirt around the bed.

“Who’ve you brought me kitty?”  The voice in the chill air was eerie and whispery, my heart stuttered with surprise.

I tried to straighten up to face its owner, but their cold, steely grip held my shoulders down, unable to adjust my posture, my bum in the air while my face was pressed into the musty, bed hangings.  I was assaulted by a mixture of fear, shock, dread and embarrassment, I was exposed, my short skirt hitched up as I bent forward and I hated being held down.  

I was startled by soft tickling, the touch of fur on my calves and, hearing a purr, I realised the cat was weaving round my legs.  Then I something cold trailed up the back of my legs and under my skirt, icy fingers groped my buttocks before grabbing a handful of my fishnets to rip them,  enlarging the snagged holes before insinuating chilly digits under my boyshorts.  I was shocked and appalled, but those sneaking fingers stroked and teased my pussy and, appallingly, I realised I was wet.  I love temperature play, I frequently prepare my glass dildo in a bowl of ice cubes, and the chilly fingers probing at my snatch were delicious as they trailed through my dew covered folds, spreading moisture.

“I think our visitor likes this, kitty,” the whispery voice of my assailant was creepy but compelling.  I sucked in musty air with my face forced in the bedding, while my pussy was teased; one, then two fingers sliding insistently in and out of me, my heartbeat kicked up.  

“Who are you?” I gasped.

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“What are you going to do to me?”  my voice was muffled.

“Nothing you haven’t dreamed of,” came the reply.

I began to make my own mewing sounds as the digits swirling around my clit and labia drove me crazy with arousal.  I should have been terrified, I didn’t know who my assailant was or what it’s intentions were, yet I was so turned on I didn’t want the sensations to stop. A third finger was now thrusting in and out of my sopping hole - a cold piston - I loved it.

Could the creature see into my head?  My fantasies featured reluctance, I wanted to be treated like a slut, handled roughly as if my sexyness made my partner lose self-control.  Holding me down and shredding my tights I’d felt a gush of hot excitement pulse in my cunt.

My assailant massaged my pussy while dragging my torso up onto the bed, I was bent forward at the waist, my upper body supported by the mattress.  He wedged a foot between my boots and spread my legs wider.  Next thing, I felt a cool hand snaking under my ribs, grasping my shirt and pulling hard.  Buttons popped and fabric ripped, my breasts exposed to the cold, gloomy room and that same cold hand pinched and dragged at my left nipple, roughly and insistently, just how I liked it.

A moan escaped my lips and I panted.  The creature laughed, my arousal amused it while making me ashamed.  The hand stopped mauling my breast and sending stabs of desire into the pit of my stomach, instead it took my head and twisted it to the side to press  its cold lips against mine.  The finger fucking my soaking sex did not slow, while (what I’m going to call) its tongue probed my mouth.  It was cold, like its fingers, but thick and substantial.  I sucked on it like I was sucking a cock and that’s what it felt like.  My saliva flowed, I worked lips and tongue in a massaging movement.  The ‘tongue’ touched the back of my throat;  I hoped I was giving pleasure.

I felt crazed with lust, visualising my assailant not as a man, but as a sex machine programmed to fuck me every which way.  Groaning to express my arousal, the sex machine sped up thrusting fingers in my pussy while fucking my mouth at the same time.  Both appendages felt cool inside me, but I relished the shocking contrast and was soon tightening up inside, colours swirling behind my eyes while waves of throbbing delight spread out from my core.  I 'fell' from a height to swoop down into a kaleidoscope of colours and clutching, grabbing waves of happy sensations which washed over me. He continued his abuse of my pussy while something cold spurted at the back of my throat, an inhuman climax.  I rode the waves and throbs of my orgasm, and they subsided a little but not completely.

He withdrew his ‘tongue’ from my mouth, and I gulped down some ragged deep breaths.  Moments later my skirt was hiked up to expose my rump while the chilled clawing hand ripped my fishnets more, tearing through my knickers.  A hard appendage pressed against my anus, and before I could register any excitement or dread, my orifice was plundered.  With a burning stretch I accommodated something the size of a penis, but cold like steel and textured like my favourite curved dildo.  My anal ring flared out and in and out as my bum accepted the ‘cock,’ he fucked me doggy style, I loved its bumpy texture.  

I felt full, yet yearning for more and again the creature read me and reached round to circle my clit until I saw starbursts as I came.  I howled and heard myself beg him not to stop.  He began to withdraw slowly then and press back in - this drew out the throbs of my second climax.  Maybe I had a third, then I blacked out.

When I woke I was stiff and sore.  I was sprawled on the mildew spotted bedding, my trembling legs felt like cooked spaghetti.  My jaw ached and my rear felt stretched and bruised. Looking down at myself, my clothes were very dishevelled; buttons missing on my flannel shirt and my fishnet tights shredded in tatters.  Why was I in this freezing room in a house earmarked for demolition? then I saw the cat.

It sat calmly on a chair, leg stretched in the air allowing it to lick languorously between its legs.  It paused mid-wash, fixing me with green eyes. Then it stood and stretched, leaping noiselessly to pad across the floorboards, looking back at me in the doorway.  I’d a hazy memory of coming into the house to rescue the cat.  Such a beautiful creature shouldn’t get trapped in this dangerous house, so I followed it until it leaped through the gap in a boarded window, then I remembered climbing and tearing my tights.  Could I have fallen from the high windowsill and bumped my head?  That could explain why I woke up on the bed. Perhaps.

In the daylight the cat walked a short way down the road, then sat to continue washing itself.  I walked off unsteadily, in the direction of home.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Sharing Saturday - this is my 4th!

Hello my Dark Darlings,

Its #SoSS!!  My wicked brain has been stimulated this week by several new erotic pen-smiths which I have discovered, thanks to other people sharing links to their posts, so while I'm telling you about blogs you may have visited already, I have to sing the praises of the wonderful erotic stories which I've enjoyed.  So please enjoy reading my recommendations, and please 'Share our Shit' onwards!

Pain as Pleasure writes very frankly and tantalisingly about his experiences with mistresses who help him explore and experience the joy of corporal punishment - he also Tweets as @BibulousOne

Cara Sutra's blog has a great story from a guest blogger : Seasonal Erotica by Mel MacFarlane of Voluptasse

The stories on Lucy's blog are wonderful, I suggest this one as a taster, but I could not stop until I had read many of her tales, some of which are linked series.  Lascivious Lucy

Nero Speaks is a guy blogging about life and love, with a hot story about a recent sexual encounter ...

And finally some advice from Candy Snatch (as you will see from Petra's interview below, she is held in high regard by other sex-bloggers) on how to take an attractive selfie - very useful for modelling lingerie on my blog, but also very useful in my normal life, where I look very wooden in most photos.

Meet Petra Pan - Sex Toy Tester and Blog Contributor

1. What made you decide to write a sex blog?
I started out as a Lovehoney customer, buying and reviewing items. Then I discovered the Lovehoney forum and got chatting to other users who wrote blogs. I thought, ‘I fancy giving that a go!’ so I created a personal twitter account and messaged someone who had a blog to get some advice. She asked if I wanted to write a review for her, as a guest blogger. That was early in 2017, and I now have several blogs on the website! I’m also a Pleasure Panel member with Cara Sutra and I have over 100 live reviews on Lovehoney.

2. What’s behind the title of your blog or your blogging “name”?
I identify as pansexual (aka bisexual, queer) and I wanted a blogging name with that in the name, hence ‘Pan’. I thought of Peter Pan and wanted to make it sound more female, so Petra was born!

3. Describe your blog in a nutshell:

I’m a practical person, so I like to write reviews like a user’s guide. I also like to detail my experience to help people to make a more informed decision, whether that’s for a sex toy, erotic product or lingerie. So I guess my blogs are ‘practical and personal guides to a sexier life!’

4. How long have you been blogging on this theme?
I started in early 2017, so about 9 months now. 

5. What is your favourite type of adult toy?
I can only reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation of some sort, and I also love g-spot stimulation so a dual toy such as a rabbit is my favourite type. 

6. If you were sent to a desert island (with no power issues) name the 1 adult toy you’d take with you:
The Fun Factory Amorino. It’s a great size, gorgeous colour and the silicone feels amazing!

7. What’s your current sexuality?  At what age did you realise this was the right ‘fit’ for you?

I’m pansexual / bisexual / queer. I’m attracted to all sorts; manly men, girly women, girly men, butch women, gender fluid people... I love bodies and enjoy different genitals, and I don’t really have a ‘type’. I liked girls at a young age, maybe 9 or 10. I wanted to buy a poster of a topless model but my mum found out and went mad. I always felt I had to keep my love of women quiet, so I didn’t openly admit to my sexuality until my early 30’s. My sexuality is rather fluid though, in my 20’s I was only really interested in men. 

8. What’s your preference - naked or “dressed up” for sex?  If dressed up, how so?

Dressed up... initially! I love wearing something low cut so my nipples skim the material. I feel most sexy in basques and bodystockings. 

9. Is there a kink or fantasy you’re yearning to try?

A sex party. I’d love to be watched by a room full of people! Maybe it’ll happen one day. 

10. Name the fictional being or species you’d most like to have an encounter with:

Any of the gorgeous cast from Game of Thrones (Lady Marjorie, Jamie or Cersei Lannister... or all of the above!!). I’d want to do it in the throne room with everyone watching!

11. Anal sex - Meh or Yay?

I tried it once and it hurt, so I’m using anal toys now such as butt plugs and beads. I love them! I’m working my way up to having full anal sex again.

12. Sex needn’t always be serious - do you have a funny moment to share?

I had sex in the toilets once. We forgot to lock the door and it opened when I was giving the guy a blow job... it was a colleague who had opened the door! Oops! I was very sheepish when we came out of the loos...

13. Sexting - love it or hate it?

Love it! Gets the pulse racing!!

14. Which mainstream film depicts your favourite erotic scene?

A scene from ‘Secretary’ where she bends over her bosses desk for a spanking. He removes her underwear first. He doesn’t let her touch him or turn around. It’s a silent, slightly awkward encounter and she’s totally exposed. I love it!

15. Do you watch porn?  
Yes. I prefer sexy books and magazines to porn films though. I like a visual guide but leaving something to the imagination. 

16. Nominate your favourite adult film:
I don’t have a favourite film, I tend to watch porn on You Porn so it’s all short clips!

17. Before you go, please tell us 1 adult blog (aside from yours) which we must add to our reading list:

I love her vintage / retro style, and her honest and informative reviews. Her photos are amazing too, she’s striking looking and has bright pink hair!

Petra can be found sharing her thoughts and opinions in reviews for Random Red Rose & Cara Sutra's Pleasure Panel. 

She is also on Twitter @PetrapanReviews 

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Six of the Best

Hello my Dark Darlings!

This next story was going to be for RebelsNotes' Wicked Wednesday - but as usual I couldn't keep to the word limit!! So to be extra rebellious I'm posting my new story on a Tuesday night! O how naughty am I??
Not as naughty as the next instalment of my saga where Josie is initiated into BDSM, but read on and judge for yourself.

Cleaner Close - Chapter 7

Kneeling on the floor in front of the spanking bench, wearing nothing but the red ropes which bound her wrists and a dark blindfold over her eyes, Josie felt her stomach twist with anticipation and lust.  

She had a faint inkling what her session with the Master might entail because (at home) she’d taken in a package, before coming to the big house to clean.  A small neatly wrapped parcel delivered by a courier which she’d ripped open to discover its contents - a tube of expensive skin balm containing arnica to cool and soothe bruises and sprains.  Now, instructed to assume her submissive ‘waiting’ stance she was positioned in front of the padded blocks; with her arms tied behind her back, Josie’s mind filled with images gleaned from the internet of spanking and flogging and she was excited.

The Master had also smeared a balm on her in preparation for play, so her clit and anal passage were buzzing with its cool, mentholated tingling.  Josie’s arousal was, as ever making her pussy awash with her own fragrant lubrication and she wished she could trail her fingers through her fleshy lips and taste it, but she must remain legs spread wide and arms pulled firmly (but not uncomfortably) behind her back.  Her hair was in a tight ponytail and her eyes were trained on the floor, unable to look in the direction of the footsteps she heard approaching.

As she felt the Master standing over her, Josie’s senses went on high alert, goosebumps breaking out on her nakedness as she imagined his eyes raking over her body, hopefully liking what he saw.  She smelt the green notes of his aftershave and the faintest trace of leather from which, along with a soft creaking sound, she concluded he was wearing leather trousers.

Suddenly a swish noise broke through her curiosity while hot, biting tingles scattered over her buttocks, then the flogger trailed sensuously over her naked thighs and was away again, to deliver another stinging blow which woke every nerve ending in her buttocks.  The leathery smell might be coming from the flogger which alternately rained stinging flicks to her taut skin and then trailed off with tickling caresses up the backs of her knees and thighs.

Josie’s buttocks warmed up fast, and the flogger stung, but it was not exactly pain she felt; building arousal overtook the discomfort and soon she felt like a bitch in heat, longing for the next blow while wishing that it would deliver more!  Her clitoris, swollen and yearning for attention, throbbed frantically from the balm’s hot/cold sensation.  Josie bit her lip to keep from crying out “Fuck Me!” because, although that’s what her body craved, the Master would take his pleasure when he was ready.

Josie became aware that the flogging had ceased.

“Thank you Master,” she said, her submissive words bringing a throb to her pussy that she’d never have imagined experiencing, being quite a feisty girl in her ‘normal’ life.

She felt her captor’s hands rubbing over her buttocks, stroking her tenderized flesh and spreading the warmth the flogger had imparted.  With her heightened perception, Josie detected he wore gloves, rather than having bare hands, then she felt those gloved fingers push inside her making her groan with delight.  She welcomed their roughness and her slippery, aroused flesh resisted not one bit.  The Master probed her deeply and firmly, stroking his fingers against her g-spot, delighting her with waves of pleasant sensation.  Josie gave a heavy sigh of satisfaction, but that emotion was short-lived.  The fingers withdrew from her pussy and travelled up the crease between her legs to begin nudging and teasing her back door.

This area, also tingling from the balsam, was very aroused and receptive from the flogging, so when the Master began teasing his gloved finger in and out, spreading her juices and some cold lube around her anal whorl.  Josie moaned and dipped her back a little to spread herself and welcome him in.

The Master made a low chuckle of satisfaction before Josie felt something pressing and slipping inside her.  It was not unwelcome, she’d been instructed to use a small butt plug in her downtime, which she did regularly, and she’d enjoyed how it filled and stretched her while sending out waves of sensation as she carried out chores, or sat watching TV.  The  plug Master was inserting now felt bigger, it stretched her sphincter muscles wide as it went in, and the stretching feeling travelled deeper, thus Josie concluded it was longer too.  The sensation of her sensitive outer muscle ring stretching didn’t decrease once the plug was pushed in place, so she guessed this one did not narrow to a waist near its base.

Next Josie felt her wrist bindings loosened.  She stayed still and obedient, acclimatising to the weight and stretch of the large anal dildo while allowing her hands to be untied and to hang at her sides to let the circulation return.  The Master then guided her to move forward until her knees were on a padded portion of the spanking bench.  In shifting she became aware that the butt plug inside her was attached to something else, when she felt the trail of a wire or a tube at the back of her bare thigh, but it didn’t tug, or take any weight from her anal invader.  

Josie’s bare nipples brushed against the velvet fabric of the spanking block, then Master fastened her hands to either side of the block, they partly took her weight but she had minimal range of movement.  Her helplessness and vulnerability was triggering such strong arousal in Josie that she could feel the clear juices running from her pussy, her mind was empty of any cohesive thoughts, instead sensations abounded.  Her aching nipples brushing the stiff velvet pile, her gaping butt-hole was crammed with something which burned yet thrilled her as it stretched her wide, and her naked buttocks spread wide (Master was fixing restraints round her ankles) still tingling and throbbing from the flogger which had made her flesh super-sensitive.

“O Josie, I wish you could see what I’m seeing right now.”  Her Master’s voice broke her reverie, rumbling deep with appreciation.  “I have such plans for that peachy backside of yours.  Am I truly the first man to enjoy it?”

“Yes Master,” Josie’s voice was breathy with arousal, “I want you to take my anal cherry.  I’m yours to play with.”  Her nipples ached from their constant tightness, and she tried not to think how big the Master’s cock was compared with the plugs she’d worn since becoming his slave, it would not help her if she was tense.

“Good girl,”  he spoke soothingly, stroking a gloved hand over her buttock; Josie felt like a thoroughbred horse being ‘gentled’ by a trained handler.  “Do you remember your safe word Josie?”  his enquiry sounded innocent but now Josie was on the alert.

“Yes Master”.

There was a strange ‘pumping’ sound behind her and simultaneously the anal invader seemed throb.  Josie sucked in gulps of air, turned on by ‘coping’ with the dildo’s increased girth.

“Good girl, you can take more.”  Master was confident.  Josie felt aflame with sensations of arousal, almost dizzy with them, her heart pounded with excitement.

Suddenly there was a swish in the air and a smack, hard and sharp, to her buttock.  Josie yelped out with surprise and real pain, this wasn’t like the flogger, the beating implement was whippy and thin, not spreading the blow over much of a surface area of skin.

“Count the blows Josie, we will try six to start with.”

“Yes Master, thank you … One Master.”  Josie was babbling a bit, shocked at the stinging intensity of the smarting blow to her buttock.

Swish, thwack!  Another blow, sharp and hot, landed on her other buttock and Josie winced but cried out “Two”.  A third and forth each landed on alternate bum cheeks and, as she coped with the painful ‘punishment’ Josie realised her counting was getting a little shrill.

Pump, pump - the Master made the butt plug expand till her pussy and rear felt on fire!  Her legs were trembling with the effort of maintaining her kneeling position resting on the spanking block, when she absolutely wanted to curl into a ball and hug herself … and yet she longed for and wanted everything the Master dealt out to her.  Her love box was drooling lubrication, and she felt sure it was gaping with arousal, waves of technicolour bliss lapped at the edges of her consciousness and she didn’t want the beating to stop.

“Five” she called out, her voice filled with emotion as the whipping implement rained down once more onto her prone buttock, in a new spot, although now the whole area was a burning mass of aching, throbbing sensations.  God she wanted to cum, her stomach ached with how hard her kegel muscles were clenching and yearning to close around something.

The master pumped once more on the dildo and Josie cried out!

“Is it too much my pet?”  Master’s voice was full of concern and he stroked his hand over her striped buttocks as she gulped in lungfuls of air.

“No sir, thank you sir.  I just need to cum so bad…” Josie trailed off.  She didn’t want the session to stop.

“Well, my precious, you won’t have to wait much longer.”  

She felt the pressure in her anus begin to ease off as the master fiddled with something on the plug.  The relief was intense and yet she missed the stimulation, especially when she felt the dildo being eased out, making her pant with the effort of holding her climax at bay until Master gave permission.

The plug withdrew completely and Josie felt her Master close behind her, warmth radiating from him which she detected on her hypersensitive spanked skin.  He positioned his hard cock against the darker skin of her anus and she felt delightfully teased by its pressure and the anticipation of him fucking her.  She imagined its angry, engorged tip with a dribble of precum,then he pushed against her and his meaty cock began to sink in.  

The dildo had done a good job of readying her for his first thrust, but he had more girth than the plug and definitely more length, so he was gentle easing himself into her for the first time.  Josie’s moans were soft, enthusiastic little mewls and she pressed back against him, eager to take his full length.

“Good girl,” the Master growled reaching forward to pinch and drag on the tips of Josie’s breasts.

“O Master,” Josie sighed.  Was she sighing, begging for more, saying thank you?  She was no longer sure as the emotions and sensations battled inside her.

Withdrawing very slowly, allowing Josie to savour every retreating inch, then preparing to thrust once more, her Master picked up the whippy instrument again,  “I owe you one more blow Josie before you can cum, but it needn’t  be on your behind.”

Before Josie could properly register his words or even reply, he delivered the final, stinging whack, the wider portion of the crop landing squarely on her swollen, straining clit.  Boom!  Josie’s orgasm went off like a rocket.  She bucked and fucked while her Master thrust deeply inside her, enjoying every throb and spasm of her tight passage.  The waves of her orgasm washed over her in powerful patterns while she felt she was turning inside out with hte intensity of pleasurable throbs and muscular grabs which radiated from her  pussy and anus like never before.  No wonder rutting like animals was such a dark secret, it was the best kind of orgasm of all!

Josie felt her Master’s frenzied hip jabbing thrusts, his engorged cock plunged in and out of her sending wave after wave of orgasm through her until she felt half-crazed with the wonderful sensations and the great gulps of air she was taking in.  She enjoyed every chafe of her Master’s leather breeches on her sensitive, beaten behind and the burn the friction was causing in her tight nipples.

“Yes, yes, thank you,” her words came out on a sob of ecstasy, her reward was to feel her master’s hot cum spurt inside her, as he groaned with release and let his weight transfer onto her back.

A while later, when they had both come back to reality, her Master released her from her bonds and helped her up and walked her to the shower room.

“You did well today my pet, I think I shall send you a reward.  A jewelled butt plug to remind you the value I place on what you gave up to me today.  
Did you get the recovery ointment I sent you”

She smiled shyly and her Master continued.  “Apply that externally 2 or 3 times a day and you won’t be sore for too long.  The skin isn’t broken.”

“I’d like to see the stripes,” Josie replied, so he led her over to a mirror and she turned to look over her shoulder at the reddened places where the crop had made contact.

“I have recorded this morning’s session,” her Master continued, beaming with pride as Josie admired his handiwork.  “Come over tomorrow at 4, Maya will be here and we can watch it together.  If you’re not too sore, perhaps we’ll all play together.”

Josie smiled and nodded, she had no intention of any tenderness getting in the way of a threesome with Maya, but right now she needed a shower and a good rest.

Product links have been inserted in case you wanted to to recreate this saucy scene for yourself, but with no sponsorship from any adult toy companies, I'm simply making unbiased suggestions.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Introducing A New Contributor & a New Toy!

In celebration of #Masturbation Monday, please meet a new contributor to my blog:

Vampy Valentine, in her own words :  Bi girl obsessed with piercings, toys, fishnets and boots.  Put a collar on me and I'll be yours to play with.

Lovehoney G-Tickler Clitoral & G-Spot VibratorI obtained a Lovehoney G-Tickler Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator and asked the newest addition to my team to give her opinion on this adult gadget.  All views expressed are unbiased and entirely Vampy's own, she'll tell you what she did and didn't like about this pink silicone battery-operated gizmo so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to purchase it for your own 'adult' toy box.  Remember, as this toy is made of silicone, only use water-based lube.

The price of this vibrator is currently £19.99 and it runs on 2 AAA batteries, which you can purchase just about anywhere (pop them in your basket at the supermarket!).

Hi I'm Vampy Valentine! I'll be Posy's new Toy Tester!   💜        ❤         💜          ❤

Don't worry, before sharing my thoughts, I made sure that I got full and varied use of the G-Tickler Clitoral and G-spot Vibrator!

Okay so first things first;  the size is a little bit of a let down, the actual length that can be inserted is about only 3 inches so that was disappointing but other than that I did like this vibrator. 

The vibration speeds are very strong and what took me by surprise is that the first speed is quite powerful, so I loved it!  I also enjoyed the four different patterns, even though I've used this toy a lot over the last month, the different patterns can still take me by surprise!  Personally my favourite pattern was the fourth one as it's very rapid and intense (basically right up my street!)

The handle on this toy is on the larger side, which is good if you have someone using it on you.  Being made of silicone its also very flexible;  again that's another plus for me as it can reach basically anywhere.  [Posy says:  Remember to only use water-based lubes.]

I did, however, have trouble being able to reach my climax with this toy, it would just take me  longer than normal and god forbid if I moved, the toy would just sort of slip out.
I would score the G-Tickler g-spot vibrator a 2/5

It is really cute and perfect if you're starting to introduce toys but I personally own some pretty intense stuff!  It's just not really my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean I won't whip it out if I want some fun. 

Post contains affiliate links back to Lovehoney, where I purchased this toy.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Masturbation Monday #1

Hello my Dark Darlings!

I am loving the use of memes to spice up my blog content, so here comes my first effort for

Kayla Lord's  #Masturbation Monday

Here are my thoughts on Solo Play, first posted on Pillow Talk on 6 October 2017.

I’m a firm advocate of * solo play * masturbation * thrumming * frigging * wanking * getting yourself off ~ there are many phrases for the same activity, because we ALL do it, and maybe we should do it more often!
Firstly, I’ll put my hands up and say that I’ve been doing it since I was about 14, which I guess this is the age around which lots of people start, we discover our own sexuality as teenage hormones rage through our bodies filling us with lots of new (and usually exciting) sensations and urges.  Girls tend to be more secretive about their masturbation activities - I don’t know why, but I’m guessing that the old thinking was that it wasn’t ladylike to have a high sex drive!  What rubbish!   Boys (traditionally) are more open about their wanking activities, sometimes even getting competitive with each other about it: frequency / trajectory / speed, and that’s before they start comparing the size of their cocks!!  I don’t think as many girls show each other their fannies or get ‘moist’ together!

The important thing about playing with yourself is that you are free to explore and identify what you like: what touches ‘tickle your fancy’ and what pressures or strokes you like lots of as well as those you want less of.  Armed with this knowledge you can guide your partner during sex, if they’re not helping your climb the arousal ladder. [Take care, you may need to guide them subtly, almost subliminally, not everyone enjoys being issued outright instructions! “Harder, faster, rub me there, no that just tickles!”]

At the start I only ever used my fingers, in fact in the earliest days I would stroke myself through my clothes.  Not nowadays though! I love to feel moisture gathering in my lips and how the flesh swells as it becomes engorged with blood, I like to dip my finger into my  wetness and drag it up to my clitoris and circle round with a tease/torment action which can sometimes be just the lightest tickle of my nail on its sensitive tip.  I adore the first moment that I sink my finger deep inside my pussy and feel my knuckles enveloped in the heat and wetness.  I often cram 3 fingers in as deep as they will go because, as my arousal grows, I get an urge to feel ‘full’.  At this point, however, hands only starts to be difficult, because I want to thrust quite roughly in and out while still playing teasing strokes around my clitoris.


Now’s a good time to bring in the big guns! (by this I mean a sex toy) but it really depends on my mood whether I want something immobile but phallic [in which case : dildo] or something which brings vibrations with it [in which case : vibrator].  Some are big, some are small, some are pliant (made of silicone or latex), others are hard and unforgiving (Mmmm - my new glass dildo!), there are shaped ones to reach your G-spot (key for many ladies’ orgasms) and some have knobbles or swirls on them to constantly stimulate the walls of the vagina as they move in and out.

Thrusting - that is an important part!  (I’ll get back to that).

Firstly I emphasise that a big advantage of playing solo is that you set your own pace.  If you want to climax quickly, then you can do all the things you like, building up to harder and faster and focusing on the tingly bits and nowhere else, until you cum!  Hard and sweating and pulsing just like you want to, totally selfish and indulgent, with nobody else’s needs to be considered. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been enjoying couples foreplay, when your partner stops doing ‘that magic thing’ that they were doing, or goes too rough, or touches too gently and you completely loose your climb to your climax.  Somehow you’re out of the moment and it can take a while to get back there or <gnashes teeth> you may never get there! (I hope that doesn’t happen very often, it can makes me wild with fury!)*  So anyway, playing with yourself, that is unlikely to happen.

So, using my fingers, or a clitoral toy, or a wand I can focus stimulation on my clitoris ~ which is a girl’s ‘penis’ let’s not forget, made of erectile tissue and full of nerve endings (and always wanting to be in on the action!) I can also reach to slide another object, let’s say dildo for this example, in and out of my pussy.  It can stretch and pull at the tissues, filling me up, it may have ridges which are rubbing delightfully on my vagina walls as it moves in and out.  Plus the angle of my thrusts pounding at my pussy can mean it touches my G-spot  to enhance my arousal, and the speed and depth of these thrusts is entirely in my control.

Now’s a good time to mention the erogenous zone of the imagination - Never forget it, the power of our imagination is immense.  We have the ability to harness many of our kinks with the use of our imagination:

  • You are being forced into this sexual encounter against your will / by your master
  • Many people are watching you masturbate
  • While you’re being fucked, others are queuing to take their turn
  • Being fucked this way is your punishment
  • You must stay silent / show no emotion, no matter how ecstatic you feel
  • You are part of an experiment and the dildo is an alien probe

You get the picture!  

Hey! ~ you may also be turned on by watching yourself, either in a mirror or looking down and seeing that brute of a dildo slide in and out of your hungry hole, “you can’t get enough of it can you? Slut!”  (yes - talk dirty to yourself if that floats your boat!)  While playing with myself I let my imagination run riot:  who is fucking me, where they are fucking me, why I am being fucked this way … I don’t need to describe my fantasies, you already read my erotica!

Solo play is also an ideal time to practise how to string out your arousal, a trick you may later want to try with your partner, because this makes sex last so much longer.  I’ve found the orgasms are more earth-shattering if I nearly get there, and then the stimulation has died back and been built up again several times before the final climax.  *so maybe changing rhythm doesn’t always make me furious  ;-)

During solo play you might want to try something new or learn a new trick to share with your partner once you’re used to it.  I have been trying anal plugs by myself, to learn what I do and don’t like (I may be a bit of a control freak).  Same with nipple play, I have been learning what my levels of pain/pleasure are with clamps and masturbation.  You can probably guess I’m the more adventurous one in my partnership, but my OH loves to be introduced to new things I’ve discovered.  O goodness, I can remember the early days of our relationship when I wondered how to tell him I liked to use a vibrator, because I was worried I’d scare him off!  Ha Ha, I’ve got him up to speed with what Posy likes nowadays!!

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